Bakugan Brawlers

Remember the good old Dan Bakugan? Here, he comes again! He is a cartoon hero, beloved by men, women, and children all across the globe. After fighting evil, he decided to settle down and spend his days in the most peaceful way imaginable. Hard to believe if you remember Dan from his early days, but he started to live on a farm. And now, instead of being a warrior, he became a farmer, taking care of crops. Check this out! It just has to be awesome to see a former fighter in the role of a farmer.

What’s the game like? Basically, what you need to do is driving Dan’s tractor through bumpy roads surrounding his farm. If you do it well you will score lots of points and push it to the next level. Be careful, though. It’s really easy to get your tractor destroyed underway, as there are lots of obstacles on your way. Don’t get stuck on the top of the hill and avoid rollovers. For these, you will only waste your time, but also risk crashing your farm machine totally. Unfortunately, it means that you are going to start the particular level all over again. So, are you in?

Bakugan Brawlers is one of the tractor games that engage the player for a long time, regardless of their age or gender. It makes a stunning entertainment for both boys and girls! If you thought that being a girl, you shouldn’t play big tractor games, you really need a change of heart. All it takes to succeed in Bakugan Brawlers, is to focus on the driving and enjoy the ride. The rewards you get underway will certainly encourage you to crave more and more.

Got no experiences driving huge farm vehicles? No problem! You will easily get it by playing our tractor games online. There’s no rocket science in the initial levels of the game. Instead, all it takes to succeed in the game is your being careful and able to make quick decisions.

The actual steering in this tractor game is a piece of cake. You already have all the elements that will let you drive the tractor around. Push the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move the tractor to the right direction. If you want to break for some reason (for instance, seeing that your machine might crash on a hilltop,) just use the down arrow key.

If you look at the in-game screen, it might seem ascetic, yet there’s a good reason for that. We didn’t want to spoil the vision of the road and we reduced the number of buttons to the essentials. So, you will find a link that redirects to a page about the author, as well as a button to turn the music off.

Enough with the chit-chat! Hop behind the wheel of a tractor and experience true farmer’s life. Oh, and just one more thing – if you liked it, you can easily play more games. Just hit the button in the right corner.