Dan Bakugan Tractor

The conventional wisdom about big tractor games is that such sort of entertainment for boys only. Our online tractor games prove that driving a tractor in the digital world is a great joy for everyone, regardless of their gender. And, girls, take our word for that – you can drive tractors just as well as boys do! You might not know this yet, but it is absolutely true.

The sight of a female driving a big farm machine is no longer an extraordinary thing. Big thing for you girls – as women made the hop behind the tractors’ wheels a few decades back, it’s now time to enjoy it in the digital form. After all, not each and every one from among you, girls, have an opportunity for such an exciting ride on a daily basis, do you? Buckle up and prepare to find the next great adventure!

Dan Bakugan is the name of the main character of our tractor game. Girls will love him for his looks, while boys would get green with envy about his mighty machine. After all, is there anyone here, who wouldn’t like getting behind the wheel of such a powerful vehicle?

Now, a few words about the game’s main idea. Basically, you are supposed to drive Bakugan’s farm machine through the field, scoring points. Drive into the stars that pop out and you will receive rewards for that. And don’t get too sure about your skills! As a matter of fact, the more advanced you get in the game, the more obstacles you will meet underway, which makes the game even more compelling. In more advanced levels, the risk of having a crash is greater, which means that you need to be careful.

Every level in this tractor game presents different types of challenges, so you won’t get bored at any point. Instead, you will get new skills all the time. If you play for some time, you will be a crafty tractor operator, ready to drive a real tractor, outside the tractor game.

What is the game like? Well, instead of asking this question, better start playing. 😉 In the case of this big tractor game, the in-game navigation is pretty intuitive and simple. Use the arrows to drive the tractor forward or hit the brakes, if you think that you’re going to crash. Remember that each time your farm machine gets into an accident, you will need to start the level all over again.

The in-game screen contains the most basic buttons – you will be able to check the level on which you currently are, as well as turn the music off at any time.
Good luck!