Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush

Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush is a very cool game tractors, in which you must help the farmer Ted bring the goods to the farm. A simple task , but the road is not at all simple – lots of hills, hills and valleys, so it will be shaking ! And thus the way certainly some goods get lost. The mission is classified when handing over the finish line but one thing , and so to work !

Anyone who likes to play tractors necessarily should now sit comfortably, close to the keyboard and play along with us in the game Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush. It is really a fantastic game tractors that can pull a bunch of men not only our fans. I invite you to have fun.

Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush is a classic game of tractors . You move up in the traditional way with strzałeczek on the keyboard , so at this level should not be any problems. Mission to go in the tractors  game Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush is quite a lot, so I think you will not get bored. As already mentioned at the beginning of each mission you must bring one thing in the farm – quite a challenge, because the route really is not simple. With each mission is getting harder and harder!

If you like playing online tractors that you will love our new proposal , which is Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush. This game can really human tractors and pull it for quite a long time. And when you go over all of the missions in this  tractor game online, then you can beat your record or play our other  tractor games, which is already with us quite a bit. I guarantee that when they can be as much fun as the game Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush.

Regarding the options available in the game Farmer Ted’s Tractor Rush is in the lower right corner you have the time to play, pause and switch sounds, and quite nice to look at the speedometer : ) However, in the lower left corner of the screen you will find the number of the board, in which you play.

Well that’s it from my side – I wish you have fun!