Farmer’s Quest

Farmer’s Quest is another great game tractors, in which you have to pass some cool boards. The game tractors Farmer’s Quest have the task of each of the boards ride so as not to destroy the tractor and collect as many stars. Note, however, obstacles such as stones or sharp decline ground or a ladder, after which you have to cross. Farmer’s Quest is a game full of surprises tractors, but really fun and worth playing. I hope you enjoy it and you will be happy to come back to us once again to play it or play our other games tractors.


If you love the game tractors where you have to drive the tractor in order to safely reach to the end of the board is definitely a game you enjoy Farmer’s Quest . You have to contain some pretty cool boards to pass, so do not waste your time just play to us. The game tractors Farmer’s Quest there is no time limit, and the only limitation is that you have the level of deterioration of the tractor. This level can follow the top of the screen, the green bar.

Speaking of game options tractors Farmer’s Quest to mention that in the upper right corner you pause and switch sounds. Going to the left and you will find the aforementioned level of corruption, the level of game in which you play as well as bonus and amount of points. When it comes to control this in the game Farmer’s Quest it is traditional, as in other games, tractors, or will you need arrows. Up arrow key to move forward and down arrow to brake. Left / right oscillation of the flight path of the tractor.

So much of the game options tractors Farmer’s Quest . As for the rules is important that you watch out for obstacles and safely reached the end of each board. The board will be lots of obstacles you lurking, but I believe in you, and I hope that date very well cope with them. Game tractors Farmer’s Quest is really very simple and nice, and even has a rather interesting image, so it is what put sweet eyes.

If you like this game tractors are welcome to continue to play on our site, as we bring you a lot of cool games like tractors similar to Farmer’s Quest . All are of course available for free, so do not be afraid. Fun awaits, so the keyboard in your hands and begin a great adventure in tractors  game  Farmer’s Quest . Good Luck!