Forklift Frenzy

Tractor games can be really amusing to play. You don’t even have to like farming, to enjoy such titles. However, if you really can’t stand such games, then it might be a good idea to try Forklift Frenzy, our new proposition for you.  It can be really a great experience for anyone, especially for people who love parking or tractor games.

It has a lot in common with traditional tractor games, as you are going to control a slow, heavy vehicle, used for special purposes. I am talking about forklift of course! Such vehicles are very useful when there is a need to carry something really heavy. This will also be your task in this game.  You will have to pick up crates from the ground, and then move them to a given direction, and put them on the ground (it is easy to know where to stop, as the place is marked by a black and yellow squares and a text saying “DROP CRATE HERE”).

This title reminds of parking games, because the mechanic is almost the same – you need to move to a given spot, and stop there, but instead of stopping your vehicle in there, you need to put the crate on the ground. It may seem easy at first, but I assure you, that it will get difficult and challenging!

The most important thing to know is that you have to approach the crates from a certain position, otherwise you won’t be able to pick them up. You will have to look at the crates to see how to approach them, as the stripes on crates need to be placed exactly the same as forks on your vehicle. To make the game even harder, the developers introduced the time limit for every level, so you will have to be really quick! You also need to keep in mind, that driving into the crates will make you fail your current level.

All of these features makes Forklift Frenzy one of the hardest free tractor parking games. The graphics in this title are quite simple, but looks good enough to enjoy playing it.

Luckily, the controls in this game are really easy to learn. You can move your forklift with the use of arrow key, pressing each key will move it in a given direction. You also need to know, that pressing the spacebar will raise or lower the fork, to either pick up, or put down the crates. After starting the game you will see some important information in the upper right corner of the screen. You can see your current time, time limit and level in there.