Fruit Truck

Fruity tractor is a very interesting game, which is intended for children. Although it initially looks very simple and innocent, but in reality it requires quite a bit of skill, reflexes and patience. Therefore designed for players who have already passed the first steps in this type of adventure games. A child who is just starting their adventure games, will need a little help here an adult or an older brother.

This tractors game has six levels and at extremely interesting, each has a slightly different image, a different tractor and a different route. The game starts from level one and move on to the next can only after the appropriate number of points. In this game you control four arrows. Pojazdem- guided tractor that carries the fruit. First, we load the fruit, and then start hard path, full of bumps and surprises. We must therefore keep an eye on the route, as well as to drive carefully, so as not to confuse loaded with fruit. This is extremely important, because as we get lost fruit, it does not get points. Let us remember that behind every fruit taken place get points, so each is worth its weight in gold. What is extremely interesting, the route is more difficult, has plenty of potholes and we must be careful not only on the fruit, but also for it to not break the tractor.

Games tractors are not against the guise intended only for boys, but for all people who want to feel like a real farmer. Fruit Truck is a game very interesting with an interesting and very colorful graphics. Very addictive and requires a lot of concentration. Therefore suitable for more advanced players and those who like to tap the tapping block all records.

Leading the Fruit tractor definitely feel like real farmers as well as seasoned as an agricultural vehicle driver. Progress through the game, we learn also about the basic rules of road, because we have to adhere to the traffic light. We also need to not only drive the tractor forward, but also during the vehicle’s charging needs to be properly reversed, so that all the fruits of a well-arranged themselves on the trailer. Properly constructed loading will make later on the journey where we find the bumps, we will not lose the fruit.

This is an extremely addictive game that many a more pleasant afternoon, friendly background music make you can relax and practice their fitness, mind and reflexes. Soundtrack can turn early in the game, but during it is also possible the total exclusion, or simply to modify the volume.