Gizmo Rush Tractor Race

Gizmo Rush Tractor Race is a very cool tractor game, in which the main role is played by a dinosaur named Gizmo. Gizmo has its own farm and was chosen its tractors to harvesting, which were scattered across the board. To task was not too easy, the board has multitude of obstacles – bricks, chickens, footbridges. You have to be careful not to tractor overturned, does not fall into the abyss or stuck between obstacles – if you make it happen then you have to start the game Gizmo Rush Tractor Race from the start.

If you like this type of tractors game  to invite you to have fun – the game Gizmo Rush Tractor Race is already waiting for you. To play you need a keyboard, as the tractor moves on the arrows, and the “X” nitro switch on the tractor – applicable to overcome the gap. You already know how to operate a tractor, so here we go!

Gizmo Rush Tractor Race is a very cool and simple game tractors, ideal for small and large players. Gizmo Rush Tractor Race must collect as many apples in the shortest possible time – then more points will go on your account. Number of harvested apples can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. In addition to apples you have a tractor speed with which you move, and going even further to the right you will find: time, Messenger, pause and switch sounds.

When it comes to controlling the game Gizmo Rush Tractor Race is already mentioned about the game, so we will not repeat itself. I think the problem with this ought not to be, because almost every game tractors used arrows. As for the nitro – that it does not end there, so you can easily use it even for the entire board, keep in mind, however, that the turbo harder to steer the tractor and faster can lead to disaster. I believe, however, that the date of the council, and this game will be tractors for you pleasure.

If you like tractors games such as  Gizmo Rush Tractor Race surely you will have a great time now. We also recommend heartily our other tractors games that are also fun and enjoyable. We invite you to play along with us – Gizmo and his tractor already waiting for you – GOOD LUCK!