Jelly Wheels 2

Farms and tractors doesn’t seem to be a good theme for video games, but to our surprise we can see many such titles. That includes platformers, logical games, and even some strategies. Our today’s proposition is a mix of platforming, driving and tractor games.

What exactly is your task in Jelly Wheels 2? You are going to steer a weird looking tractor, and collect fruits with it. However, the task won’t be that easy, because you can lose some of the gathered fruits if you are driving too recklessly or not careful enough. What is also worth adding, is the fact that the tractor behaves quite strange, while driving it seems to be constantly moving left and right, so you have to keep it balanced, or you will lose some of the gathered fruits and vegetables. The cubic world in which you have to play is full of surprises, for examples moving platforms, elevators and other obstacles. To maneuver in this world you will have to have good knowledge about the controls. To move the tractor left and right you have to use A and D keys on your keyboard.

The unusual, that cannot be seen in other free online tractor games is the fact, that you can put more or less pressure in the tires. Thanks to that you can drive to different kinds of terrain, which also makes  it possible to pass through some difficult levels. It is also worth to note, that you will also gather some money on each level, and you can use it to purchase many different kind of upgrades for your tractor. You should regularly spend the money, because such improvements can be really game-changing, and will make it easier to play, especially later, on some difficult levels. All the important options and information can be seen at the top of the screen. From left you will see your current score, options to reset, pause, turn off sounds and go back to the main screen, and on the right side you will see amount of your cash. Many big tractor games have very simple or odd-looking graphics, but Jelly Wheels 2 looks pretty good. The game is colourful, and looks like an animated movie. The music and sounds are quite repetitive, but if you won’t like them you have an option to turn them off.

Jelly Wheels 2 is really fun to play, and everyone should try it at least once. It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of online tractor games or not, because apart from the main vehicle it doesn’t seem to be based strictly around the farms and similar themes. I hope that you will have a great time playing Jelly Wheels, and that you will easily menage to finish the game with wonderful score!