Jumping Rednecks

Jumping Rednecks is another our proposal for tractor games in which you can play for free on our website. Jumping Rednecks is a tractor game, where you transfer to the stadium, where the championships are held in jumping tractors. Stands against and jump over different obstacles to be careful to don’t break on it, and to avoid falling into the wall at the end of the hill.

If you are fascinating in sport tractor games and not just farm tractor games I strongly recommend you Jumping Rednecks. In this online tractor game you can’t be bored. To pass you some cool charts, and any other means you have to adjust the speed would not break down a wall or obstruction. Ready for the challenge? 3 … 2 … 1 … GO!

Tractor games aren’t only fun on the farm, but also a little bit of sport. Today, the we have for you sport tractor game. Move with me for the tractors championship in jumping over obstacles, but you will not just fans – on the contrary that you will be the players. Get ready yours tractors and start playing.

Your task in this tractor game is to jump obstacles that were set at the end of the track. Obstacles in the game Jumping Rednecks are different depending on the level, but always at the end of the wall. You just jump to fly over obstacles, but don’t break down the wall. How do I? It’s simple – adjust the speed accordingly. At the beginning of each level of the  tractor game have given the optimal speed that should be kept to successfully pass the stage of this tractor game.

How to control a tractor? First, in the board of this tractor game you have to find the tractors gas pedal. Gas pedal is located in the lower right corner of the game Jumping Rednecks. Now you must click on the mouse and the tractor moves. Releasing the mouse when you want to slow down tractor, and the compression of where you want to accelerate. Simple?

Of course, that simple – always all tractor games are simple, right? In the game Jumping Rednecks you have to go some nice charts, so I think that you will not be bored, but instead will be great fun. I recommend to all of this and other our free tractor games, including farm tractor games.

Oh I would be forgotten. What options does this tractor game? At the top of the screen on the left side of this free tractor game have a speedometer, and on the right side of the road with obstacles marked. Lower on the right in the game you level Jumping Rednecks and the number of lives. After each winning game board shows you the array of points that you managed to get it.

Well, now that’s it. You can play tractor games and above all in the Jumping Rednecks. I wish you have fun!