Mine Escape

Mine Escape is another tractor game in which you can play on our portal completely free. In this tractor game online you have get out of the old, abandoned mine, in which case you have been locked up. You have to do it quickly, because at any moment the mine could collapse, which symbolize the falling boulders. Besides boulders obstacles is here even more so be warned. On the road in Mine Escape is waiting for you also a few bonuses such as money for which you can improve tractor. Also remember to collect the fuel, because if you miss it your Mine Escape game over.

If you like to play our tractor games you are welcome to play in Mine Escape. It’s a really great tractor game, ideal for small and large players. No matter how old are you – have fun with us now. This tractor game is really fantastic and worthy of attention. I encourage you also to play our other big tractor games, which are also excellent. Praises and recommend us to their friends.

Mine Escape is a tractor game  for children and adults. In this tractor game you have to pass in succession boards, which have their place in the old mine. On the roof you are flying stones, the earth also is no shortage of them, so be warned. For Mine Escape game you will need a keyboard, because on arrows you control the tractor. Control is standard and so you shouldn’t have problems with it. I think I’m right, right?

The Mine Escape game you need to pay attention to the condition of the fuel – if you miss it your game is over. You can, however, complement the fuel tanks of fuel, collecting along the way. It is on the way to collect in the game Mine Escape the money that can be improved then the tractor. This is useful, because you have to move a lot of boards, and each board is another difficult and useful for you to be a better tractor, so try out what forces he really worth it to go all the boards.

When it comes to the options available in the game Mine Escape to see them at the top of the screen. There, starting from left to right you have: the number of points scored in a game board, and generally throughout the game, start the mission, pause, switch sound output from the game’s website, gained currency in the board and the game Mine Escape. It is worth to look at the bottom of the screen in this tractor game – there on the left you have the technical condition of the tractor and the state have the right fuel.

It’s basically everything about this tractor game. After each of the levels in the game Mine Escape will show you a shop where you will be able to improve tractor – of course, for the right cash. So, you have to gather a lot of the missions : ) Feel free to play with us!!!!