My Tractor

My Tractor is a tractor game especially loved by kids. My Tractor is on one hand the farming game, on the other hand, refers to the car games. The aim of this tractor game is to go all the available missions. This tractor trailer games is very simple and I think that even the youngest fans of the site will have no problem with it.

My Tractor is a driving game-type a tractor trailer game. In this tractor game we control yellow tractor. Your task here is cross a stretch of road so as not to bring tractors to any accident, because otherwise you will have to start playing again. The controls are very simple, basically the way too, although you can find hills and holes, where tractor can be very easily upset. Along the way, collect the shovel, if any omission, unfortunately, doesn’t pass the stage of the My Tractor game.

We haven’t got many options in My Tractor game – simply click Start and you can enjoy a stress-free fun. No time limits – you play for his own satisfaction and relaxation, but are counted points, which you can see on the plate, which appeared after passing the stage of the game My Tractor.

During the game in the My Tractor nothing will distract you, because you have only the board and a yellow tractor, and the only options that you can see is a level in which you play, located in the lower left corner. In the lower right corner you will find the transition to the creator of this tractor game, while in the upper left corner is the logo of the tractor game and it’s basically as much when it comes to options in this tractor game online.

Control of yellow tractor in this tractor games online is simple – to move forward pressing a arrow up, and when you want to pull back or acetate press the down arrow. Left and right arrows are used if your tractor will be crashed, because with their help you can bring it to the vertical.

It’s everything about My Tractor. I hope that you will spend nice time with this game. Play also our other free tractor games online.

I wish you great fun!