Super Tractor

If you want to revel a little tractor I cordially invite you to play along with us in Super Tractor. This tractor game allows you to  riding the tractor and perform various maneuvers such as coups, etc. For everything you get, of course, points that are shown to you after the tour. You have to go several routes, so this tractors game quickly you get bored. Moreover, here you can choose a tractor, which you want to play. Cool, huh?

Big tractor games are very addictive, so book your a long time and have fun with us – I am sure you will not regret this decision. Super Tractor is a fun tractor game for small and big fans of our website. I recommend it strongly and frequent urge to just play the game. If you like the reelist tractor games – undoubtedly this game enjoy you.

Super Tractor is a very simple tractors game, in which your task is drive the entire route without damaging the tractor. While driving, you can perform various tricks to help you get extra points. With acrobatics but don’t overdo it because you might destroy your tractor and then your life will be deducted, and when you lose all your lives then you will have to start the game Super Tractor from scratch, and the damage that was after the passage of several boards, isn’t it? Number of live in game Super Tractor you can found in the upper left corner of this online tractor game.

Speaking of options, then this tractor game has the following options out of lives: the time – at the top center of the screen, level, in which you play – a bit more to the right and pause, switch sounds and music – located in the upper right corner of this tractors game.

This what  is fun in that online tractor game  is that at the beginning, you can choose a tractor, which he wants to play, and the cool thing is that we are up to 2 ° grids to pass. Okay, okay, we know a bit about the game, but how to steer the tractor? It’s quite simple – to ride on the front of the arrow at the top and back down on the arrow. Use the arrows to the left – right in the game Super Tractor can perform stunts. You up for that?

I hope so, because the game Super Tractor already waiting for you. It is really very nice, although it may at first glance doesn’t admire the graphics. I wish you great fun and pass all levels. Good luck!