Tractor 7 Differences

Already fell in love with Dan Bakugan and his mighty farm machine in our online tractor games? We got something else in stock for you. In case you just got tired after driving the big vehicle, it’s time to take some rest before hitting the road again. This time, we’d like to introduce you to another thrilling game, named Tractor 7 Differences.

This one is a great entertainment for anyone, who loves logical games. When you launch the game, you will see two pictures, showing identical tractors, or this is what you might assume at first sight. That’s an illusion, though. When you look more carefully, you will see that there is a world of difference between the two machines and your task will be to point and recognize them.

It’s a great game for those of you, who got a great eye for detail. For that reason, we’d like to recommend this tractor game particularly to girls. After all, it is no news that females have more attention to that stuff than guys. So, girls, don’t be afraid of the tractor. 😉

Time for a few words on the overall idea of the game. As we already mentioned, you need to find the differences between the two tractors. Don’t forget, though, that apart from getting rewards, you will also receive minus points for failing to spot the actual differences. Also, in order to engage you more in the game, we introduced minus points for clicking around on the picture. So, be careful and attentive, as the big win is not that easy. Oh, and just one more thing – what makes Tractor 7 Differences, one of our big tractor games unique, is the fact that you will be able to enjoy the game for a limited chunk of time only. Keep an eye on the watch, as the time is running out constantly! If you exceed the time limit, you will lose and have to start once again.

In order not to spoil your tractor games online experience, we decided to get rid of any superficial buttons. The number of options to click on in the game’s screen is actually devoid of all elements that might disturb the vision. You will only see the essentials, like your point score and the number of misses. Also, there is a number of differences that are left for you to discern. Does the music disturb you? Just go to the right upper part of the screen, to turn it off.