Tractors Power 2

Tractors Power 2 is a very cool tractor game, which have the task to drive the whole route without damage to the tractor and collecting at the same points for destroying objects and animals that are on the road. This tractor game seem to be very simple, but if you do not properly handle a spoon, which is itself attached to a tractor could tip over, and then the mission will have to start from scratch, which will make on your account will ultimately fewer points and of course the whole tractor game becomes longer, and as soon as possible unless you want to know all available in the charts. What’s not?

Tractors Power 2 is a tractor game for adults and children. When it comes to children at the beginning for them, you can even choose a special version, noting hook in the box to the right at KIDS VERSION. What this version differs from the standard tractor game? That there is no blood spatter on run out animals, and so it is more humane version. Whichever version of fun with the game Tractors Power 2 is excellent.

If you spin the tractor game play with us on Tractors Power 2. This game is neither tractors racing game or a deliver tractor game, and just such a game in which you have the task to drive the entire route without destroying the tractor driving and scoring as many points. Points are important because through them you can take a high place on the list of players, which must be shown below. For more details, see no point during the tractor game, and only after completion of the mission. But these general are presented in the upper right corner of the tractor game. The mission of the game and Tractors Power 2 have 8 so quite a lot for such a simple tractor game.

Controlling the game Tractors Power 2 is done using the arrow keys. Up arrow to move forward and back arrow to move backward. Arrows to the left and right in this tractor game are responsible for moving the bucket up and down. This is important because bad positioning bucket threatens loss. It is also important to pay attention to time, because each board in the game Tractors Power 2 is limited in time. You can see a time in the lower right corner.

As previously mentioned was in the game Tractors Power 2 you can choose the classic version or the version for children. Also, this tractor game allows you to choose tractor, but depending on the board. Red Tractor is basic and is always present, but in some boards, you can even choose two different tractors.

What else should I know about the game Tractors Power 2? Maybe even mention that in the lower left corner from the left you will find buttons such as menu, pause and restart the mission, and in the upper left corner you switch sounds and music. And at the top in the middle you see the route to be traveled if you have left.

That’s basically everything when it comes to this tractor game online. I hope you enjoy it. I recommend warmly and welcome to the wonderful play of the game Tractors Power 2