Tractors Power

Tractors Power is the first part of the classic tractor game, which have to pass another board without damaging the tractor, including its overheating due to excessive speed, which during the whole game you can control tractors. The graphics in the game Tractors Power may not be the most beautiful, but you have to pay attention to the fact that it is quite an old tractors game. Graphics isn’t the most important – most important is great fun.

Tractor games are primarily games for boys, however, strongly recommend them to the girls, because they can be great fun with them. Tractors Power is really fantastic tractor game for everyone without exception – no matter how old you are, what gender you are, or race – play with us in this tractor game, which today are among the most popular online games. Tractor games are really great, but if you don’t believe me – try it self.

Tractors Power is a simple tractor game where you simply pass unscathed each of the boards. Lest we get too straight in each of the boards meet on the road obstacles such as boxes, or a cow and a few others that you will be presented at the beginning of the tractors game. The task seems simple enough, but the tractor, which will drive is running out, and any obstacle can easily damage it, and when the tractor falls to parts of your game Tractors Power comes to an end. Tractors Power game also coming to an end when the tractor overheats, so stay up to date driving indicators, which are located in the lower right corner of the tractor game.

In the lower right corner of this tractor game out rates and speed of rotation can also be found RESTART button which allows you to repeat the board, count the points that you get for various achievements during the game Tractors Power, ie the highest speed, and there you will find the time in which you must pass a given the board – if it runs out is another reason to lose the game Tractors Power. Other options for this  tractor game is in the lower left corner of the screen – there you will find the switch sounds and music.

It is worth mentioning that the game is controlled tractors using the arrow keys – forward for forward, backward driving in reverse, left-right arrows enter the tractor division during the flight. Pressing the space bar in the game Tractors Power to turn the brake.

Well, that’s basically everything. Ready for fun? Collect points and have a great. Also check that you have a place on the list of players in the game Tractors Power.
Good luck!